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And your name is?

20 Mar

Hello there dear reader,

We find ourselves in an interesting situation: if you are reading this, it means that someone has stumbled across this little blog, still in its infancy, but aspiring to greatness.

Welcome to the Amazing Woman Talents WordPress page, where I hope to spread a little cheer and sunshine through the medium of pondering, sewing, baking and generally wishing that I was born in a different era.

The name of the blog came from a conversation I had with a friend last night. She was trying to describe me to her own friends, who don’t know me very well. And the best-fit for me at the time was “the one with the amazing woman talents”. So thank you Sarah, you have given rise to a domain name.

Amazing Woman Talents include, but are not limited to, any form of needlework, sewing, cooking, baking, drawing, promenading, dancing, historical dressing, hairstyling, daydreaming and odd pet keeping. That these talents may seem somewhat obscure and anti-feminist in the current era is their ultimate beauty. We live in a world of high-speed, electrically-powered instant gratification, and skills like darning socks and writing letters have become a thing of the past. But we can use these much maligned pastimes to fight back against an ultimately unsustainable and cold way of existing in the world. Celebrate your 21st century femininity: make your granny proud by taking advantage of all the opportunities she never had AND  fit some old-style crafting in at the same time.

Something you’ve made has a soul in a way that a bought item does not, and if I can inspire even one person to put down their ¬†store card and pick up a sewing kit, I will have succeeded in my task.

Until the next time, I bid you Adieu

The one with the Amazing Woman Talents.

Mr Bingley and Madame de Montespan and Louis XIV a la 'Le Roi Soleil'

Hand sewing to create presents for your friends is one of the single most rewarding things you can do.